Keeping Your Customers Healthy with your Brand


Much of marketing is listening to your audience, responding to their needs and putting minds at ease. With health been the number one priority in our community right now, a product like hand sanitiser presents an opportunity for brands to show customers they are thinking about their wellbeing. 

Right now there has never been a more useful giveaway than hand sanitiser, but its also important to consider the most suitable type for your customers. Take a look at some of the benefits of our hand sanitisers below and decide which works best for your organisation. 

Handy Mini Pack Bottles

The classic mini is forever popular as its easily stored in handbags, cars or even pockets. Great for handing out at events or festivals or including in a wellness pack with other personal and hygiene products. 


Perfect for travel, schools and sporting teams. The caribiner easily attaches to backpacks and handbags for easy access. It also means your brand is visible. This style is also refillable giving your logo long lasting exposure. 

Hand Spray Sanitiser

Great for Daycare Centres and schools.Our hand sprays are great for smaller kids that are too busy to wait for the traditional gel sanitiser to dry. The spray sanitiser is easily applied and fast drying. 

1 Litre Large Bottle

These are perfect for high traffic areas such as hospitals, aged care facilities, receptions, hotels, super markets, surgeries, schools and rest rooms. Its becoming standard practice for sanitiser to be freely available to customers and front line workers. The larger bottle also provides more room for your logo or message to your customers. 

Hand sanitiser will stay a popular choice for advertises for a long time as the necessity is high. Its the perfect opportunity to keep your customers healthy with your brand.